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1956年、横浜市生まれ。本名、浜中節朗。新聞社写真部を経て1987年からフリー・イラストレーター兼フォトジャーナリストとして、各種新聞・雑誌・書籍等の 仕事を手掛ける。
環境保全活動にも参加、2006年11月から2007年1月にかけての2ヶ月間、JICAの短期専門家としてエクアドル国ガラパゴス諸島に滞在し、ガラパゴス諸島海洋環境保全プロジェクトに参加。現地漁民の生活向上と乱獲防止のために働いた。 神奈川県横須賀市在住。


『STREET VWS』(内外出版社)

 2001年7月 TV釣りビジョンでインドネシア、タカボネラテ環礁取材
 2002年4月 カリフォルニア沖取材 舵社ボートクラブ掲載
 2002年12月 モルジブ取材 舵社ボートクラブ掲載
 2003年7月 TV釣りビジョンでスペイン、地中海、バスク、ガリシア取材
 2004年11月 沖の鳥島視察団参加
 2005年2月 フロリダ、IGFA美術展をレポート 舵社ボートクラブ掲載
 2007年11月 米誌スポーツフィッシングでパナマ、チリキ湾取材
 2010年8月 著書「東京湾船遊び入門ガイド」舵社より出版

Artists for Conservation 会員 2004年入会
Landscape Artists International 会員


Setsuo Hamanaka was born in 1956 in Yokohama, Japan. He learned a basic drawing and painting from a sculptor while high school years but never had an academic art education.

His first career was a news photographer of Press Kanagawa, a local newspaper office in Yokohama. He became freelance photojournalist in 1987 and started drawing illustrations for magazines and publishing. In 1988, he reproduced 16 historical busses in realistic illustrations as a commission from City of Yokohama Transportation Bureau, and it was the first major work of his illustrations.

His works in early days of freelance were mainly for automobile magazines and books. But soon he started drawing and painting nature illustrations for other publications and some fishing magazines.

Fishing is partly on business and partly for a lifetime interest. He visited USA, Saipan, Panama, Ecuador, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Maldives, Italy, Spain and all over Japan. He writes articles about his fishing trips for magazines and coordinates fishing trips for TV programs.

In 2001, he began working oil paintings of marine wildlife with his accumulated experiences. His main concern is saltwater game fishes and seascapes as an environment of a game fish. He also loves painting mangroves and native woods not only on a seashore, but also on a freshwater waterfront.

November 2004, he was selected as a member of the First Okinotori-shima Island Inspecting Party organized by the Nippon Foundation. Okinotori-shima is in the face of submergence by global warming.

From November 2006 for two months, He stayed in Galapagos Islands, Ecuador as a short term ODA expert sent by Japan International Cooperation Agency and joined the Galapagos Marine Reserve Conservation Project. He worked for reducing illegal fishing and over catch in the local fishery.

He is a member of the Amamo Revival Collaboration in Kanagzawa-Hakkei, Tokyo Bay Area, which is a non-profit organization working for a revival of Amamo (eelgrass) meadows in the Tokyo Bay to regenerate a native environment.

AFC signature member since 2004

Publications (extracted)

Tokyo bay Fishing and Boating Guide (2010)
published by Kaji

Newspaper Novel "Hara Sankei Story" (2002)
Illustrator : Illustrations for daily novels for ten months.

101 Hints of Reservoir Flyfishing (2000)
Published by Ei-shuppan
Illustrator : Flyfishing cartoons for each 101 columns.
Auther : Masayuki Zamma

The Illustrated Fieldwork Book for Families (1995)
Published by Sekaibunka-sha
Illustrator : Joined as one of the illustrators.

The Illustrated Ecology Book of Plants (1993)
Published by Gakken
Illustrator : Joined as one of the illustrators.

60Years of City Bus (1988)
Published by City of Yokohama
Illustrator : The History book of Yokohama City Transportation. Colored illustrations of 16 old busses which don't exsist anymore.


Boat Club : Published by Kaji-sha
Auther and Illustrator
Street VWs : Published by Naigai-shuppan
Truck Trends : Published by Schizo Club

News Paper

Press Kanagawa : Illustrator. Auther of fishing columns.

Signature Member of the Artists for Conservation
Signature Member of Landscape Artists International
Member of Amamo Revival Collaboration in Kanazawa-Hakkei, Tokyo Bay Area